9 Creative Packaging Ideas for Handmade Goods

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The packaging design can make or break a brand’s reputation. So, a little bit of care and creativity can make all the difference between a dissatisfied customer and an enthusiastic one. Here are some top tips for getting it right, along with nine creative ways to package your handmade goods for shipping.

Why packaging matters

Packaging becomes the first tangible link between your craft and the customer’s experience from the moment they receive their order, and we all know that first impressions do matter. A carefully packaged item ensures safe delivery, but a carefully packaged item in creative wrapping will ensure the client feels they are getting more from you.

Think of how much effort beauty brands put into packaging. Intricate designs, durable containers, colour, and surprising elements- an attractive package captures the attention and gives buyers’ a sense of luxury and care. 

Consumers are, in fact, more likely to explore a product that has attractive packaging and communicates quality and value, so this is your way to stand out from the crowd and retain your customers.

The importance of branding

It doesn’t matter if you sell handmade products – if you want to keep selling, you need branding – a story, a character, a personality. As a brand, packaging can tell customers who you are, what you believe in, and what you offer. To make it intriguing and emotional, it must evoke emotions.

Additionally, packaging can serve as a channel of communication. Retailers use labels for product information,chocolatiers include hand-written notes, and purse makers leave a card with the inspiration behind the brand.

Last but not least, ideally, you want to reach a point when customers want to buy the packaging alone, as it looks amazing.

9 creative ideas to package your handmade goods

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As we’ve discussed the importance of learning how to package your product, here are some tips for packaging and shipping.

 1. Create themed packaging

Choose your brand’s main theme and adapt it to specific holidays and seasons to create a unique unboxing experience by using themed boxes that match the style or purpose of your handmade items. Experiment with the colours, logos and shapes.  These elements can be used to create a powerful brand identity. 

Do you sell crochet clutches? Just like luxury brands, you can create a beautiful canvas bag with cotton strapping to protect your handmade bag. Do you sell handmade earrings? You can create miniature organza bags in different colours. During the holiday season, infuse your packaging with warm, rich colours and festive motifs. A cohesive theme extends beyond the product itself.

 2. Use eco-friendly wrapping

Consider using eco-friendly packaging materials such as fabrics, scrap fabrics, recycled paper, and biodegradable bubble wrap. This approach helps to reduce the amount of waste generated, showcases your commitment to sustainability, and resonates with environmentally-conscious customers. 

 3. Order custom tissue paper

Enhance your brand identity by using tissue paper with your logo or brand colours. Custom tissue paper is an expensive solution, but it adds a professional and personalised touch to the packaging while protecting delicate items. This detail can make a big difference in how your brand is perceived.

 4. Create fabric pouches

Replace your paper bags with handmade fabric bags. Pouches made from canvas, gingham, or pattern fabrics are as light as paper bags yet are more durable. Most importantly, by sending your products in a handmade fabric pouch, you give your customers a branded item they can keep and reuse. This will add a unique touch to your brand and can help build customer loyalty. 

 5. Add fun elements

Add a personal touch to plain packaging. Use pom poms to give an element of fun or romance, close your packages with beautiful ribbons, and write a thank-you note. These small details can turn a simple box into a work of art that communicates a commitment to craftsmanship, reinforcing the overall brand image.

 6. Incorporate natural elements

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To give your packaging a rustic and organic look, you can incorporate natural elements like dried flowers, cork, twine, or small branches in your packaging.  A nature-inspired design with visually appealing elements that clients can touch and smell can be particularly effective as it gives a sense of personalisation, authenticity and care.

 7. Opt for interactive Packaging

Create an interactive unboxing experience by incorporating elements that customers can engage with, such as puzzles, quotes, or small surprises. The extra layer of excitement adds to the brand’s recognition and makes it memorable. 

Encourage customers to share their unboxing experience on social media. This can help to further increase brand awareness and create a sense of community around your brand.

 8. Try origami packaging

Impress your customers with handmade origami packaging. Create intricate folds and shapes that not only secure your items but also serve as a decorative element. Include instructions for unfolding or repurposing the origami for an added interactive element.

 9. Put a label

There are so few sellers who remember to label their items! Stickers on mugs, a tag on clothing with your logo-.these little things serve to remind people that you are a business.

Packaging is an art form that goes beyond protecting your handmade goods during shipping. It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand personality and provide a memorable experience for your customers. By incorporating these creative packaging ideas, you’ll not only ensure the safe delivery of your products but also leave a lasting impression that sets your handmade goods apart in a crowded marketplace.


We hope you found some great ideas here for creative packaging.  Get inventive, and don’t forget to share your projects with us on Instagram. If you have any questions about our fabric offering, crafting, or DIY home décor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by completing an online form or by giving us a call at 01164030269.

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