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£0.99£3.39 Price Including Tax
Chiffon is a blend of polyester, with flowy sheer properties that make it very delicate in nature. As chiffon is

Crushed Velvet

£0.99£3.99 Price Including Tax
Crushed velvet is a fairly new material that has a unique texture with a shiny and patterned appearance given by

Dress Net

£0.99£1.99 Price Including Tax
Our dress net fabric features 100% and is available in over 30 colours for you to choose from. Dress net

Muslin – 60″ Wide

£0.99£89.99 Price Including Tax
Muslin is a lightweight, sheer, breathable and loosely woven fabric made from 100% cotton. It’s smooth in texture, is lightweight


£0.99£3.99 Price Including Tax
Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric that is lightweight and breathable with a low density, meaning that the

Silky Satin – 60″ Wide

£0.99£2.89 Price Including Tax
Traditionally made from silk, our silky satin is made from polyester and features a satin weave with a smooth and