Easy Easter Bunny Crafts

Kids playing with eggs

Make A Bunny Finger Puppet For Easter In 7 Easy Steps

The Easter season is all about making joyful memories with your family. So why not get together for a fun Easter activity that’s fun for the whole family? Easter bunny crafts are an excellent way to spend the day bonding with everyone and having a blast!

All you need is our incredibly cute finger puppet guide, two pieces of your favourite special for crafts fabric, and a few pom-poms to make an unforgettable experience for both the kids and yourself.  So, hop to it and design your own little bunny. And don’t forget to put on a puppet show — these bunnies can keep a crowd entertained for hours. What a fantastic way to bring the magic of Easter to life!


Gather All The Materials For Your Finger Puppet

To make your easter bunny crafts, you will need:

  • Two of your favourite Discount Fabric craft felt in the colours of your choice.
  • Fabric or regular glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Two googly eyes.
  • Marker pens. 
  • Decorations of your liking.

Remember, when creating your easter bunny, all you need is your imagination. So, pick the decorations you love, from googly and sparkly eyes to pink pom-poms and glitter, and watch your puppet come to life before your very eyes! 

Create Your Easter Bunny Finger Puppet in 7 Easy Steps 

For a fun time all around, follow our step-by-step guide. We’ve created the perfect finger puppet shape that is really easy and quick to make, especially in large batches. Perfect for a puppet show!

Step 1 – Fold your fabric

Ready to get started? Once you’ve picked your easter fabric it’s time to give it shape! Begin by folding it to make an equal square piece, then in half and then in half again, so that just a quarter of the fabric remains.

Step 2 – Draw the outline

Grab a marker pen to outline the finger your puppet will sit on. Place your finger on the felt and begin to carefully trace your finger to create the perfect shape. 

A Little Tip: When tracing your finger, remember to leave a little extra room around your finger for the glue to be applied. This will help avoid your puppet from being too tight!

Step 3 – Cut your bunny out 

Take your scissors and carefully cut out the shape of your finger that you drew. You should now have two identically shaped pieces of felt, in the shape of your finger. You may be wondering how this will change into a bunny, but don’t worry, we’ll get there!

Tip: Help your children when using scissors to ensure their safety.

Step 4- Grab your glue

After you’ve made two separate patterns, grab your glue and start glueing around the edge of one shape. Then place the second finger shape on top, leaving the middle untouched. Do ensure it is stuck together well and fully dried before you carry on to the next step.

Tip: Ensure there is an opening at the bottom of the finger puppet, wide enough to comfortably sit on your hand, but not too loose!

Step 5- Give your bunny character 

Here is where your easter bunny comes to life. Using your second choice of easter fabric, sketch out long bunny ears and nose you’re happy with and cut them out carefully. This may be a little fiddly but take your time. 


Step 6- Create cute bunny features 

Stick on your facial features to complete your cute finger puppet. You can be more creative by drawing in detail such as the whiskers or a carrot, as well as adding a pom as a tail. Don’t forget your googly eyes! Bring out your creative side and make it as unique as possible. 

Step 7- Make memories!

And you’re done with your easter bunny crafts! Don’t forget to name your easter bunny and put on a puppet show. It’s a great activity to get involved in, making your Easter celebrations that bit more exciting!

Easter Fabric With Discount Fabrics

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