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Sewing Hacks for Beginners

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When you are a beginner starting out sewing or embarking on crafting projects, sewing hacks can make all the difference. Learning a few hand sewing tips and tricks will help you learn new skills and will help you to become a fully-fledged sewing enthusiast.

Whether you have chosen to make a dress, mend a pair of trousers or add some crafty home DIY decorations to your home, all beginner sewers could benefit from the sewing hacks we have listed below. 


Sew Things Inside Out

One great technique that all beginner sewers need to learn to embrace is sewing things inside out. While this might seem like an odd thing to do at first, it actually makes sewing easier and when you’re done, your garment looks neat and professional.

To do this, simply pin the outside sides of your material facing each other on the inside, then sew about 1cm from the edge around the garment. This means when you’ve finished and come to turn it inside out, it will look uniform and your corners nice and rounded.

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Invest in a Pin Cushion

We have all lost pins on the carpet or across your workspace while sewing and once you do, they are very tricky to find. This is a hazard if you have pets or children especially, so it is always best you find somewhere safe to keep your pins and needles.

When you sew, you will need plenty of pins to tack together material and they will need to be somewhere to hand and easy to reach. A pin cushion is a simple place to keep them so that they are easy to reach and will keep you from losing them too. Plus, a pincushion is another fun craft project!


Embrace Bias Binding Tape

This tape comes in many different colours and patterns and can be easily used around the edges of your sewing projects, such as necklines or armholes, to add a nice finish. Bias binding tape is very flexible and will fit snugly to the raw edges of your garments.

It can especially useful as a beginner, as they can cover up any inconsistencies or mistakes that might have cropped up. Whether you choose a contrasting or complementary pattern, it is always a superb addition to your craft projects.


Move the Fabric, Not Yourself

Al little tip that makes sewing by hand or on the sewing machine a little easier. Many beginner sewers often get in the habit of moving around their garment but don’t forget, it is much easier to move the garment rather than yourself.

Getting into this new habit will save you time in the long run and is a great technique to get used to, so your projects run smoothly in the future. It also makes your corners look professional when using the sewing machine. 


Use the Right Yarn for You

There are an incredible amount of threads, yarns and wools out there, so you need to make sure you choose the right one for you. Yarns can come in different weights, thicknesses and materials, as well as colours and blends of colours.

The yarn you will choose for knitting will be very different from the kind you buy for your sewing machine. So when embarking on any new sewing project, do your research and make sure your yarn or thread matches its purpose.


Keep Your Scissors Sharp

Blunt scissors can so easily ruin your beautiful materials or not cut fabrics nicely, which can affect the overall look and quality of your finished product.

Ensuring your scissors are nice and sharp will save you from wasting material and will make each cut neat without fraying or bunching. A definite must for anyone wanting a clean and professional finish.


Buttons and thread

Sew Buttons on the Inside

Just like sewing materials inside out can help beginners to sew well, this also goes for buttons too. When you come to sew buttons on your jacket or shirt, make sure all sewing is done on the inside.

This means you can sew extra thread to make sure the button is fastened properly, while the garment looks neat and effortless from the outside. Your buttons can be securely fastened 


Chalk Is Your New Best Friend

Chalk is an incredibly useful tool that many beginner crafters find a surprising tool. It is easy to brush off and can be really useful to make sure you’re working within your chalked lines or to draft out new patterns.

Once you start using chalk, this will be the first of many sewing pattern hacks that will be an essential part of your kit, when making cushions, clothes or even children’s toys.


Make Your Fabric Count

The type of fabric you use will make a world of difference to your finished product. If you want it to have a great finish, it is usually best to buy some cheaper fabric and practice on this first.

This way, when you buy higher quality fabric that probably costs a bit more, you will make your fabric count and will be less likely to make mistakes, which many people do when starting out.


Thread Your Needle the Easy Way

Believe it or not, using hairspray can actually make threading your needle a lot easier and will save you time too. At some point during your sewing project, you will have to do some sewing by hand and many of us spend a frustrating minute or two trying to thread the needle but hand sewing hacks can make all the difference. 

Instead, hairspray the end of the thread you want to use and it will be ten times easier to get through the eye of the needle. 

If you want to learn more about sewing hacks or want to know the best fabric for your project, get in touch. You can also check out tips, tricks and similar topics on our blog, today.

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