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Spring Fabric Trends for 2022

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Spring is fast approaching and it’s time to swap out your thick heavy duty fabrics for their airy, breezy and lightweight counterparts. So shed your extra layers and invest in some quality fabrics that will be perfect for the warmer weather, without compromising on style. Get creative and express your sense of style with some of the coolest spring fabrics, come rain or shine. 

We recommend purchasing the staples that belong in everyone’s wardrobe including linen and cotton, as these are very breathable and lightweight. These types of fabric soak up the sweat and allow the air to flow more freely for a fresher and cooler feeling during warm days. However, if you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone with bright and bold patterns and colours, we’ve also got you covered.

Whether you are looking to make a cute dress, a floaty skirt, lightweight trousers or a stretchy top, we have plenty of spring fabrics to choose from.

Our Favourite Spring Fabrics


One of the most popular natural fibres there is, cotton is well known for its soft, breathable and moisture wicking properties. These make it perfectly suited to the warmer weather, as it prevents the warm air from becoming trapped between the fabric and your skin, helping to draw away moisture. Despite its lightweight properties, cotton is a very strong fabric that retains its structure, making it great for pieces that you’d like to keep in your wardrobe for years. It also means that this fabric can take rough handling and multiple uses before it needs to be replaced.It also lends itself well to be dyed and printed so easily that you can create some really fabulous designs with it. One thing to be mindful of when working with cotton is that it is prone to wrinkling.


In a similar fashion to cotton, linen is another natural fiber that looks chic and is very lightweight on the skin when worn in the heat. It is also known as a strong fabric, ensuring the durability of your creations. One of its major benefits is that it is made with a low thread count, ensuring that it is very breathable too, perfect for ensuring you stay cool no matter the temperature. Linen has made it as a staple fabric for clothing for the last 4,000 years, earning its rightful place in the wardrobes of thousands (if not millions) of people throughout history. There are endless opportunities to design and style this fabric, lending it to being a spring and summer staple. One thing to be mindful of when working with linen is that it is prone to creasing.


Silky Satin

Silky satin is another fabric that drapes wonderfully over the skin and is a fantastic option for those more dressy pieces. This fabric looks extremely high end and feels lightweight, making it ideal for warmer weather. One thing to be mindful of when working with satin is that it is prone to static electricity.


Another great fabric for the warmer months is jersey which is a lightweight, breathable and flexible fabric. If you’re looking for a tighter fitting garment that really compliments your shape, then jersey can give you the figure hugging aesthetic without the sweat! The stretchiness of this fabric also makes it very comfortable and unrestrictive, which is exactly what the doctor ordered when the temperature starts to rise. One thing to be mindful of when working with jersey is that it can become prone to tears and holes.


One fabric that stands the test of time and can be worn all year round is denim. It never goes out of style so you can rest assured that you will be wearing any denim garments you make time and time again. The only thing that really varies in terms of trends with denim is the cut. However, you can almost be certain that a pair of denim shorts will be a staple in your wardrobe. Over the last few years denim has started to be used for a number of garments other than jeans and jackets including dresses, jumpers, shirts, handbags and even undergarments. The options are endless! One thing to be mindful of when working with denim is that it is a very rigid fabric.


Many people gravitate to floral patterns as the sun starts to make more of an appearance. This is because they are very reminiscent of nature and spring time. Feminine and pretty, floral prints are fantastic for those who are all about beautiful bouquets and bright colours. One thing to be mindful of when working with floral fabrics is that they can often become quite busy or overpowering.

Waterproof Outdoor Canvas PU Fabric

Waterproof outdoor canvas PU fabric is a fantastic fabric to make lightweight waterproof jackets that come in handy when the inevitable ‘april’ showers make an appearance. Why not try your hand at a fashionable bomber or a more practical longer raincoat. Unlike a large winter coat, this fabric is breathable so you won’t overheat when sheltering from the downpour!

Spring Fabrics With Discount Fabrics

At Discount Fabrics, we have a fantastic range of spring fabrics that are bound to get you excited for the warmer weather ahead.

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