How to Make A Valentine’s Day Heart Cushion

heart cushion

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the day of love than by crafting a heartfelt gift for your special someone?  This is a fun, quick DIY heart cushion, perfect for Valentine’s Day or year-round to decorate your home! 

This throw cushion can be made any size or shape your heart desires and comes together very quickly. Watch our video with all the instructions, or read our instructions below to create your own cushion.

DIY heart-shaped cushion video tutorial

WATCH TUTORIAL – https://www.youtube.com/shorts/j411H9CzaYo


How to make your Valentine’s Day heart cushion

Step 1: Fold the fabric the first fabric RSD

Take your first piece of fabric and fold it in half with the right side down (RSD).

Step 2: Draw a semi-heart shape on the fabric

On the folded fabric, draw a semi-heart shape using a fabric marker or pencil, then pin it in place.

Step 3: Draw a line 3″ down

Draw a straight line 3 inches down from the top edge of the folded fabric.

Step 4: Draw a semi-heart on the main fabric

On the main piece of fabric (unfolded), draw another semi-heart shape. Mark 4 inches from each end.

Step 5: Cut around to get a heart shape

Using scissors, carefully cut around the semi-heart shape on the folded fabric to create a heart shape.

Step 6: Fold the second fabric

Take your second piece of fabric and fold it in half.

Step 7: Cut around to get another heart shape

Cut around the folded fabric to create another heart shape, but this time cut the heart in half along the fold.

Step 8: Sew 3″ into each half

Sew 3 inches into each half of the heart shape, leaving a gap in the middle for stuffing later.

Step 9: Assemble the fabrics

Place one of the heart-shaped fabrics with the right side up (RSU) and the other heart-shaped fabric with the right side down (RSD) on top. Sew around the edges of the heart-shaped fabrics, making sure to leave an opening for stuffing. Turn the fabric item inside out so the right side is facing out.

Step 10: Sew around the heart-shaped fabric and stuff

Sew around the heart-shaped fabric again to secure the edges. Turn inside out and fill the inside of the heart with wadding or stuffing. Hand sew the opening to close it, or you can insert a zipper if you prefer. Your heart cushion for Valentine’s Day is ready!

Tell your love story with a handmade Valentine’s Day gift. If you want to discover more fabrics for Valentine’s Day, read our comprehensive blog post with our favourite fabrics for this special day.

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