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At Discount Fabrics, we are one of the leading fabric retailers in the country and produce curtain fabric as well as fabric for all types of furnishing. From thick-lined curtain fabric to keep out the cold weather and keep in the heat, or high-quality fabric upholstery for your next upholstery project. Our fabrics come in a range of patterns and colours with the option to order samples online, along with all of the upholstery fabric and supplies you could possibly need.

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18″ x 18″ Linen Panels Fabric

Being Digitally printed, our Panel Fabric has extra colour vibrancy and detail in each exclusive design. Each design is available

Blackout Curtain Lining – 137cm (54 Inch) Wide

£0.99£163.79 Price Including Tax
Ideal for bedrooms, cold spaces or areas that usually attract a lot of light, blackout curtain lining features three-pass technology,

Buckram | Sew In | Craft & Curtain Fabric

£1.99£59.99 Price Including Tax
Our sew-in buckram features a coarse, plain weave linen fabric that is used for applying to fabric by sewing onto

Cotton Sateen Curtain Lining – 54 Inches Wide

£0.99£3.39 Price Including Tax
As the traditional go-to option for curtain lining, cotton sateen is a silky and shiny curtain lining that adds weight

Crushed Velvet

£0.99£3.99 Price Including Tax
Crushed velvet is a fairly new material that has a unique texture with a shiny and patterned appearance given by

Curtain Heading Tape

£0.99£7.99 Price Including Tax
Our curtain heading tape features a 3” (75mm) width, perfect for creating deep, regular pencil pleats that will stand the

Faux Suede | Upholstery Fabric | 60 Inches Wide

£0.99£8.29 Price Including Tax
Faux Suede is a wonderful new regular line of Polyester Suese Fabric. It features a sumptious Pile Weave perfect for

Fire Retardant Vinyl Faux Leather – 55″ Wide

£0.99£229.99 Price Including Tax
Our fire-retardant vinyl faux leather is an upholstery fabric that is a fantastic alternative to real leather. It’s extremely easy

Fire Retardant Wadding

£0.99£35.99 Price Including Tax
Fire Retardant Wadding is a wonderful new regular line of Fire Retardant Wadding Fabric. It features a polyester fibres gives

Frost Hessian

£0.99£92.99 Price Including Tax
Frost Hessian is a wonderful new regular line of Frost Hessian Fabric. It features a a tough, breathable and completely

Fusiable Buckram

£1.99£54.99 Price Including Tax
Fusible buckram is part of our new line of fusible buckram fabric that features coarse and plain weave linen or