Calico Fabric

What Is Calico Fabric? Calico is a cotton fabric that is woven using a loom. Once created, Calico is then ‘industrially finished’ to give it the unique properties that it is so well known for. This fabric is un-dyed and has a low thread count, making it the perfect option for fashion designers to mock up clothing samples and for items that require a durable fabric that will stand the test of time.

What Are the Properties/Characteristics Of Calico Fabric?

Calico fabric is coarse, durable, strong, and extremely affordable. Our line of Calico belongs to our 100% cotton-woven fabrics range and comes in a variety of different weights, including heavy, medium, and lightweight. Our range of calico fabrics are plain-woven and not dyed or bleached, giving it a natural and rustic feel to its appearance.

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Due to being untreated, Calico is an ideal fabric for projects that require dyeing, printing, and for general experimenting on! Its natural properties also make this textile suitable to be used with other natural fabrics as part of larger projects such as quilts, throws, tapestries, rugs, and wall hangings. For most weights, we would recommend allowing for initial shrinkage during the first wash, when creating your garment or item. To avoid the measurements being affected by this, we would suggest prewashing your fabric before you start getting to work with it. 

What Are The Uses Of Calico Fabric?

Calico has a long history of everyday practical uses including upholstery, quilting, craft projects, kids projects, bag making, dressmaking, curtain making, pillowcases, duvets, and any items that are required to be hard-wearing with longevity. At Discount Fabrics, we pride ourselves on providing a great selection of high-quality textiles across our range of fabrics and our calico fabrics are no different! 

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Calico – 60″ Wide

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Calico Fabric A plain-woven textile material, Calico is a coarse fabric that is durable, strong and extremely affordable and is