Hard-wearing fire-resistant fabric to conform with today’s fire regulations (British Safety Standard BS5867). As polyester is lighter than cotton, our polyester fire-resistant wadding will keep you warm without the weight and can be washed and used many times compared to natural fibres that will tear or flatten over time.

Our fire-retardant wadding is perfect for filling your homemade project and adding extra thickness to cushions, pillows and headboards, as well as for quilting and craft projects for home interiors.

Leatherette fabric, which is mainly used for bags and upholstering furniture, such as sofas and chairs, is also fire retardant and is a popular choice for our customers.

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Fire Retardant Vinyl Faux Leather

Our fire-retardant vinyl faux leather is an upholstery fabric that is a fantastic alternative to real leather. It’s extremely easy

Fire Retardant Wadding

Fire Retardant Wadding is a wonderful new regular line of Fire Retardant Wadding Fabric. It features a polyester fibres gives