Fire Resistant

Fire resistant fabric, or fire retardant fabric, can withstand prolonged exposure to flame and heat. As it is so hard-wearing, it easily complies with fire safety regulations - including the British Safety Standard BS 5867. This means that you can incorporate fire resistant fabric in all of your upcoming projects, secure in the knowledge that you aren’t compromising your safety or introducing a potential hazard to your home or workplace.


We are rigorous in ensuring that our fabrics remain compliant with UK standards. All of our fabrics are ordered from trusted manufacturers and suppliers, with stringent quality controls. Different industries have different standards, and so whether you require fire resistant fabrics for personal use, hotel rooms or hospital beds, we can easily determine whether our available fabrics are of the appropriate standard. We only want you to purchase what’s best for you and your needs, which is why our expert team is always here to help. 

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Hotel rooms and hospital beds are just the beginning, when it comes to the different uses of fire resistant fabrics. This is because there are so many materials to choose from, such as acrylic, polyester, nylon and vinyl, each with their own advantages. For example, polyester is a hugely popular fabric because it is lighter than cotton. This means that polyester fire-resistant wadding will keep you warm without weighing you down, perfect for jackets and blankets in the winter months. 

Fire retardant fabric is almost exclusively made up of synthetic fibres. Sometimes the fabric has manufactured fireproof fibres and sometimes it has been subject to chemical treatments. In both cases, this means that the fabric can self-extinguish, and significantly reduces the likelihood of causing a dangerous fire when exposed to an open flame or a high heat source. 

The best thing about our synthetic fire resistant fabric is that it can be washed and used as many times as you need. This is especially true compared to fabric made from natural fibres, which can often tear or flatten over time. This means that it is a great choice for crafters looking for a fabric that can handle some wear and tear, and that will ultimately stand the test of time. 

Fire retardant wadding has many uses, precisely because it is so durable. Many of our customers use it to fill homemade projects, and add thickness to cushions, pillows, headboards and quilts. In fact, it is a hugely popular fabric for home interior projects in general – which means that it’s definitely one to add to your craft box, as it definitely won’t go to waste. Leatherette is another great fire resistant fabric for upholstery projects. While it is often used for sofas and chairs, it is another example of a fabric with a great deal of breadth, and can even be used for bags!

Take your time looking over our collection of fire retardant fabrics – and remember to check back regularly! All of our pages are updated with new information and products, which means that we may get in a new synthetic fabric that ticks all of your boxes. If you have any questions about what we currently have in stock, or what we might be getting in stock soon, then don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re only a phone call away.

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Fire Retardant Vinyl Faux Leather – 55″ Wide

£0.99£229.99 Price Including Tax
Our fire-retardant vinyl faux leather is an upholstery fabric that is a fantastic alternative to real leather. It’s extremely easy

Fire Retardant Wadding

£0.99£35.99 Price Including Tax
Fire Retardant Wadding is a wonderful new regular line of Fire Retardant Wadding Fabric. It features a polyester fibres gives