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Outdoor fabrics are hugely popular because they’re capable of withstanding all kinds of weather conditions and all kinds of climate conditions. This means that you can use them in full confidence, as you don’t need to worry about them being ruined or losing their integrity over time. At Discount Fabrics, we’ve collated all of our outdoor fabrics in one easy to find space so that you don’t have to hunt them down, and you don’t need to concern yourself with whether or not a fabric is fit for purpose. We want to make your search as easy as possible, which is just one aspect of our customer-first approach.


Many different fabrics are suitable for outdoor use, such as hessian, canvas and ripstop. Each boasts properties that make it versatile and durable – two things that are must-haves when looking for a fabric that can remain outdoors for an extended period of time. This is because they are woven using a reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping, and enables them to withstand rain, snow and shine. 

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Their versatility and durability means that outdoor fabrics have all kinds of uses. Some of the most popular of which are: kites, parachutes, banners, flags, sleeping bags, lightweight tents, outdoor clothing, backpacks and luggage bags. Selecting an outdoor fabric to make any of these things almost guarantees that, if made correctly, it will stand the test of time – which means that you can reap the rewards of your latest project for years to come. 

As there are thousands of things that you can make from outdoor fabric, it stands to reason that it is available in an extensive range of textures and colours. Whether you need a silky material or a coarse material, we’re sure to have something that is suitable for your needs. Just look at our waterproof outdoor canvas; available in every shade from turquoise to bottle green, it’s fit for any purpose imaginable. Whether you have a project that needs to blend in or stand out, you’re in luck. 

At Discount Fabrics we understand that the worst part about ordering fabric is waiting for it to arrive. We know all about the anticipation, especially when you’re eager to finish your current project or to start a new one. That’s why we offer a fast dispatch, with just a two-day turnaround. This means that you can get your new materials exactly when you need them. And if you’ve got some time to play with, that’s even better! Our ordinary delivery service is free, which means that not only will your delivery be with you soon, but you will also have more money to spend on new fabrics – a win-win. 

Have fun exploring our collection of outdoor fabrics. Whether you’re interested in some hessian for the garden, some canvas for the treehouse or some ripstop for the greenhouse, we’ve got you covered. Find your dream fabric and then add it to your basket – with such great shades at such great prices, you don’t want to miss out.

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Frost Hessian

Frost Hessian is a wonderful new regular line of Frost Hessian Fabric. It features a a tough, breathable and completely

Hessian – 40 Inch Wide

Hessian is a 100% biodegradable fabric that is made from long-lasting jute and designed with a durable woven texture. Hessian

Hessian – 54 Inch Wide

Hessian is a 100% biodegradable fabric that is made from long-lasting jute and designed with a durable woven texture. Hessian

Hessian – 72 Inch Wide

Hessian is a wonderful new regular line of Hessian Fabric. It features a 100% bio-degradable Jute fibre construction which has

Waterproof Ripstop

Waterproof Ripstop is a wonderful new regular line of Waterproof Ripstop Fabric. It features a Ripstop fabric is a thin, lightweight