Premium fabric sheeting, perfect for sewing your own luxuriously comfortable sheets, tablecloths, table runners, backdrops, cushions, clothing, quilting, patchwork, art projects, bunting or beanbags.

We have cotton and polycotton sheeting fabric to create the ideal base for your textile projects and are perfect for fabric projects around the home due to their versatility and crease-resistant finishes.

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CLEARANCE!! Polycotton Sheeting 30 Metre Rolls

As a result of a cancelled wholsale order, we are able to offer a huge discount on our Polycotton Sheeting

Polycotton Lining – 96″

Polycotton lining, also known as polyester cotton, is a wonderful new regular line of polycotton lining fabric at Discount Fabrics.

Polycotton Sheeting

Polycotton Sheeting is a wonderful new regular line of Polycotton Sheeting Fabric. It features a a 50% Cotton and 50%