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Pet-Friendly Upholstery Fabric for Your Furniture

Pet-Friendly Upholstery Fabrics

For many pet owners, finding pet-friendly upholstery fabrics and furniture that they love and will last can be a challenge. Whatever your budget and whatever your interior design preferences, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from to create a per-friendly living room. Different materials and textures act differently when they come into contact with cat claws, dog hair and general wear and tear.

Knowing what kind of upholstery fabric to look for when buying new furniture, or finding the right fabric to replace your current fabrics with, can make all the difference. Getting the right material and aligning it with your needs and your pets, can make all the difference to a happy home that you can all enjoy.

Luxurious Leather Sofa

Luxurious Leather

This material is a fantastic all-rounder for pet proof furniture and if you have a cat that loves to use your furniture as a scratching post, this might be your best bet. Although no material is completely immune to wear and tear, leather has a fantastic patina when it ages, adding real character.

It can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth, so whether you have muddy paws or pet hair to contend with, you can always get this pet hair resistant fabric up-to-scratch in no time at all.

Hardwearing Upholstery Fabric

These fabrics are fantastic because they can withstand more wear, scratches and movement than many other furniture fabrics that are currently on the market, so your sofas will be a lot more long-lasting. Make sure you look at the rub counts of these fabrics, 20,000 being a great rub count for pet owners, as this is a high rub count and your pet-friendly furniture fabric will take longer to show distress marks.

A number one choice for pet-owners and there are a variety of materials that fall into this category. For plant-based materials, linen and cotton are particularly tough or you should take a look at silks or synthetic materials that are very hardy, for a dog-proof fabric.

Velvet Chair

Voracious Velvet

You might not expect it, but velvet is a hardy synthetic fabric that can withstand lots of use by both humans, animals and children. As a short pile fabric, it is soft and fairly scratch resistant due to its weave which claws can easily get stuck on.

Although hair might stick more readily to this material, it can easily be cleaned and wiped away, making velvet another top contender for both cat and dog owners out there.

Outdoor Fabrics

Opt for Outdoor Fabrics

This is yet another fantastic option for pet-friendly furniture and one which more people should consider for their living room furniture. Outdoor fabrics are synthetic and are chemically treated when they are made, to produce material that works well on outdoor patio furniture.

Because of these properties, it is very water-resistant and much less susceptible to stains than indoor furniture materials. This makes it a very long withstanding option if you want a material that your pet can truly be at home on.

Match Your Upholstery to Your Pet

Match Your Upholstery to Your Pet

Both you and your pets can have a home you can enjoy and be proud of if you choose pet-friendly upholstery fabric. Keep in mind that washable fabrics make it much easier to get rid of odours and many pet owners opt for patterned upholstery, as marks aren’t as visible. Considering what colour hair your pet has and buying the right coloured material, can also make a huge difference to your living room furniture.

To find out more about our pet-friendly upholstery fabrics and what is best for you, contact us today. Otherwise, read more on the Discount Fabrics blog.