The Ultimate Guide to DIY Home Décor

DIY Home Décor

From sewing pillows to creating statement wall art, fabric can be used in so many ways to enhance your home. One of the most versatile materials around, fabric can be used to decorate every room in your house. 

Whether you’re looking to use up leftover scrap fabric or decorate your home on a budget, there is a DIY home décor project for you. 

With projects suitable for sewing enthusiasts as well as no-sew DIY ideas, this is the ultimate guide to DIY home décor. 


Cushion covers

DIY cushion covers are a great way to liven up any space. If your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen is in need of an update, we have a simple solution for you. 

Cotton, velvet, and faux suede are typically the most popular type of fabric used for cushion covers. This is because they are kind to sensitive skin, durable, and washable. However, you can use whichever fabric you choose.


How to make cushion covers

Purchasing fabric is often a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a ready-made cushion in store. When you create your own cushion cover, you not only save money but become the owner of a bespoke, one-of-a-kind piece. Not to mention, the sense of fulfilment you are bound to feel displaying your very own creation in your home. 

Once you have selected your fabric cut to size, hem the ends with the fabric facing the wrong side up. 

Then stitch the hems. We recommend using a sewing machine, but you can use a needle and thread to achieve the same overall result. 

Next, overlap the hems. Pin the overlaps and raw edges in place. You then want to stitch the edges. Again, we recommend using a sewing machine. 

Finally, clip the corners and turn your cushion cover so the fabric faces the right way out. You can also use this technique to DIY floor pillows. 


Blankets and quilts

Blankets and quilts are an inexpensive way of adding warmth and comfort to your home. What’s more, you can DIY your own blankets and quilts without even picking up a sewing needle, making them fun to create for everyone. 

No-sew blankets are easy to create and make great gifts too. Not only do blankets last for years, but they also carry personal sentiments when gifted to friends and family. You can even use holiday fabrics to make different cosy throws for each season. 


How to make blankets

First, you need to choose fleece fabric in two different colours and/or patterns. You will need the same amount of each colour. Then trim both fabrics to size. 

On each corner, cut out a square of fabric. Then, cut long strips along all the sides of your double-layer fabric. Cuts should be around 1 inch wide x 5 inch long. 

Now it’s time to finish your blanket. Simply tie each strip in a balloon knot until all the strips have been tied. Finally, it’s time to snuggle up with your new cosy blanket. 


Pet bed

Using pet-friendly upholstery making your furry friend a bed has never been easier. Pet-friendly fabrics are easy to clean, resist stains, and repel hair- the perfect choice for cat and dog owners. 

Comfortable dog and cat beds can be expensive but making your own is super simple and cost-efficient. So, why not give it a go? 


How to make a pet bed

Just as if you were creating your own no-sew blanket. You need two pieces of fleece fabric. Soft fleece fabric is warm and breathable, making it a great base for pet bedding. It is also available in a range of patterns and colours so your pet bed can co-ordinate with your interior. 

Lay out the two pieces of fabric on top of each other before trimming to size. Then, cut out the corners. Now cut strips along all the side of the fabric ensuring you do not cut the strips any longer than 5 inches. 

Once all four sides have been cut, tie the fringe pieces into knots. A balloon knot works best. Before completing the fourth side, stuff your pet bed with filling. Just like that, your no-sew pet bed is complete. 


Fabric wall art 

Take your fabric and transform it from cloth to canvas with this clever DIY trick. Making fabric wall art is easy and inexpensive, making it a great way to use up scrap or leftover fabric as well as to create custom wall art for your home. 

The perfect piece to place above a sofa or bed, fabric wall art can instantly inject colour and character into any space. 


How to make fabric wall art

With minimal steps, this DIY hack is suitable for crafting beginners as well as experts. For this piece of DIY home décor, you will need a wooden canvas frame. Or if you have a blank canvas going to spare, this will also work. 

Firstly, take your fabric and cut it so it can be wrapped around the wooden canvas frame or blank canvas. 

Then, ensure each corner can fold over the canvas. Next, take a glue gun, or super glue, and secure the fabric to the frame. And there you have it, a handmade piece that will effortlessly bring life to a large empty space. 


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